For Member Institutions

Payment of Fees

Accession fee

An institution joining the Resolution Fund shall, within thirty days of receipt of the operating license, pay an amount equal to 0.05 per cent of its registered capital into the Resolution Fund as a one-time accession fee.

Annual fee

The member institutions of the Resolution Fund shall pay an annual fee to the Resolution Fund. The amount of the annual fee is determined by the Central Bank of Hungary acting in its capacity as resolution authority and shall notify the member institutions thereof. The amount of the annual fee so determined shall be paid by the member institutions in half-yearly instalments on the basis of the notification of the Resolution Fund, no later than the fifteenth day of the last month of the relevant half-year.

Extraordinary payment

In the case of extraordinary borrowing or bond issuance, the Resolution Fund may impose extraordinary payment obligations on member institutions in accordance with uniform principles, the amount and timing of which must be in line with the terms of repayment of the debt of the Resolution Fund.

Fee Payment Rules